Friday, September 6, 2013

Viewgazer & Sovereignty @ RibsOut Compilation 6

Various Artists - RibsOut Compilation 6

Year: 2013
Genre: Ambient/Drone/Noise
Country: A Lot!
Bitrate: Bandcamp Let you Decide What You Want!

32. The Beautiful Room Is Empty - Limited Judgment Model (Version) 05:26
35. SUTT - Før Hjem 08:21

RibsOut : This was the very last RibsOut compilation. RibsOut is now officially dead.
Viewgazer & Train SP Collective would like to thank RibsOut blog for all the support the last 4 years!

RibsOut Compilation 6 TRAILER

Viewgazer + Sovereignty - Night Blasting Thoughts

Music by Viewgazer (Spiros Train) and Sovereignty.
Video was made by Viewgazer (Spiros Train).

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